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Tower in Lake Reschen

Near the Reschen Pass, where the Etsch has its origins, stands a solitary church tower out of the water which is the symbol of the Venosta Valley.
When the dam was built, the village fell victim to the floods: For electricity, the residents had to move and in the summer of 1950, the houses were blown up and then flooded. Only the Romanesque tower from the 14th Century was left standing as a historic building preservation.

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Stilfserjoch scenic route

The scenic route to Stilfserjoch in the Ortler region is the highest mountain pass in Italy (2,757 m above sea level) and one of the most impressive roads of the world. Over a total length of 49 km and at a gradient between 7-15%, the road plays host to 48 bends on the South Tyrol flank and 34 bends on the Veltliner flank. The characteristic turns in front of the imposing panorama of the Stilfserjoch National Park make it a magical attraction for cyclists and motorcyclists.

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Fürstenburg Burgeis

The medieval complex of Fürstenburg in Burgusio/Burgeis was named after the Prince-Bishop of Chur and was built by Bishop Konrad of Chur in the 13th century. Some alterations took place in the 16th and 17th centuries. Another point not to be missed is the mighty keep, with a wall thickness of three meters, which forms the oldest part of the existing buildings together with the fortification and the bastion surrounding it. After extensive renovations, the castle now serves as an agricultural school and hosts various meetings.

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Marienberg abbey

The Marienberg abbey in Burgeis is visible from afar, at 1340 m above sea level, it is the highest Benedictine abbey of Europe. Since its founding in the 12th Century, monks have been living here according to the rules of the order of Saint Benedict of Nursia. A museum was opened on the ground floor in 2007. A film and various objects provide an insight into the everyday life within the monastery. Of particular interest are the Romanesque crypt frescoes with their unique depictions of angels.

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Goldhain castle

The Goldrain castle stands above the village of the same name on the mountainside, which is surrounded by thick walls with four round towers and conical roofs at the corners. The stately Goldrain castle, which includes a picturesque arcaded courtyard, dates back to the 11th Century and stems from a Romanesque castle. Today an education centre is housed in the castle. Travel back to a mysterious time and let yourself be fascinated with its history!

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National Park House naturatrafoi

The "naturatrafoi" visitor centre is one of four visitor centres located in the Stilfserjoch National Park in the Venosta Valley that are dedicated to highlighting various aspects of this unique natural landscape. Naturatrafoi features a permanent display on the subject of life on the border and offers insights into the geology of the Ortler massif and into the living spaces, and adaptation strategies of plants as well as animals under the adverse conditions of the high mountains.

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Befestigungsanlagen am Reschenpass

Nach dem „Anschluss“ Österreichs an das Deutsche Reich am 13. März 1938 grenzt dieses an Italien.

Im Zuge der Aktion Alpenwall - Vallo Alpino del Littorio werden auf italienischer Seite Grenzbefestigungen sowohl in der Talsohle als auch auf dem Hochplateau Plamort errichtet. Bunker, Kasernen, Panzersperren usw. sollen der Grenzsicherung und der Verteidigung dienen. Heute hat man den Bunker 20 nahe des Dorfes Reschen als erhaltenswert eingestuft, nicht zuletzt auch durch die sich dort befindende Etschquelle.

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