Interview with Chef de Cuisine
Daniel Thöny
with the best
of nature
A lover of nature with a heart, our Chef de Cuisine, Daniel Thöny, lives for good taste and enthusiastically shares his culinary secrets. You will also learn about some of them in the following interview, inspiring you to explore the culinary creations offered at our restaurant at Lake Reschen, as recommended by Gault-Millau.
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All your culinary creations are inspired by your personal philosophy. Could you tell us more about this?

Of course. My philosophy is very simple. And I believe that is all it comes down to. I love nature and I love the variety it provides – especially here in South Tyrol and in the Vinschgau Valley. The range of fresh produce available to our cuisine at Hotel Traube Post changes with every season. And that is really all we need to inspire our guests with: nature, creativity, time and care.

How would you describe the culinary delights served at Hotel Traube Post?

We mainly offer traditional dishes of the Alpine region – hearty, yet healthy and always fresh. In our kitchen, we only use what Mother Nature provides at the time of year. Mediterranean elements lend classical recipes a creative twist. International haute cuisine influences our culinary highlights, making our menu traditional, refined and yet home-made, with just the right amount of open-mindedness.

What do you focus on when selecting the ingredients?

I focus primarily on what the seasons have on offer. I am convinced that cooking with the seasons is not just healthier for us, but also easier on the environment and, thus, more sustainable. Moreover, it is important to me to use only local produce, such as fresh vegetables, meat from natural livestock farming, wild herbs from the Alps. This allows guests not only to see and experience the mountains, but also to taste the Vinschgau Valley.

What do you love cooking the most?

I am all about wild herbs and venison. Nature is my second home. I love exploring the local fauna and flora and am constantly amazed by the abundance and variety we are blessed with. Often, I am pleasantly surprised: you cannot imagine just how many edible and wholesome herbs there are and how varied their use is in the kitchen. You simply have to try cooking with herbs yourself, and you will not ever want to use anything else to flavour your dishes. Forget artificial flavourings!

Would you mind telling us about your personal favourite dish?

There is nothing I love more than my mother’s Erdäpfelriebel – roasted shredded potatoes – with apple sauce. In general, I am a huge fan of South Tyrolean cuisine and traditional Alpine recipes.

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