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hiking tips
Guided hikes around
the Hotel Traube Post

At the Wanderhotel Traube Post, you as a guest take part in our weekly guided hikes free of charge.

Our certified hiking guide knows as a former
School principal in the region especially to tell.
Hiking guide
Startpoint: Rescher Alm
Character: Light trail
Duration: 4h
Distance: 10km
height difference: 300m
Tri-point border stone
From the tri-point border stone to the mountain lakes Guided hiking tours to the border. Special features: Vallo Alpino - border wall, history of South Tyrol, legends surrounding the mountain lakes

From the Rescher Alm we walk in the midst of mountain pines on the forest border of the tri-point stone. The border stones and military buildings bear witness to the "Vallo Alpino del Littorio" from the Alpine Wall in South Tyrol. The descent through lush meadows, the upland moor with diverse colours, the mountain barns with fragrant hay show the variety of the Alpine region. Calm and quiet, the Lake Grünsee unfolds across the midst of the forest. The many legends lead us into a fantasy world. After a short descent, we reach the Lake Schwarzsee. In July, the water lilies blossom and, in autumn, the leaves light up in all colours. We return to the starting point.

Startpoint: Rescher Alm
Character: Moderate mountain trail
Duration: 4h
Distance: 7,4km
height difference: 770m
Piz Lad Sunrise Mountains and light
Mountains and light Guided hiking tour at sunrise. Special features: The first light of the day, the high sun position at noon, or the deep rays of the evening sun conjure up a thrilling play of colours and guarantee unforgettable moments.

From the Rescher Alm (Alpine hut) we rise at dawn and past the Sesslad cross. The serpentine of the military road leads to the summit slope. The constellations will spark our imagination before the biggest star, the sun, appears on the horizon. We allow the light to pervade and look forward to the new day. The summit crest on Piz Lad gives a clear view across the Engadin, the Inn Valley and the Venosta Valley. The mountain scenery shines in a friendly light and slowly lights up the dark valleys. We dwell in silence and calm, chamois, marmots and/or ibex can also be seen.

Startpoint: Details: Moderate
Character: Moderate mountain trail
Duration: 5h
Distance: 8,4km
height difference: 790m
Church of St. Nicholas
From Rojen to the Nockenkopf Guided hiking tour starting from the highest settlement of the Eastern Alps. Special features: Rojen hamlet with the Church of St. Nicholas, sundial, mountain farms, flora and fauna.

From the Rojen hamlet, we walk over the latest cultivated Alpine meadows to the Outer Nockenkopf. We will find out about the development of the Rojen hamlet, the sundial and the fascinating Church of St. Nicholas. After climbing to the Outer Nockenkopf, the magnificent mountain scenery is soon revealed around the Weisskugel, overlooking the Engadin and to the border mountains of the uplands. The reservoir, military roads, defence systems and the Alpine economy are just some of the interesting topics that we discuss.

Startpoint: Klapoar (hamlet)
Character: Moderate mountain trail
Duration: 5h
Distance: 8,4km
height difference: 790m
Graunerberg mountain
Hike through the Graun's mountain Guided hike on the landmark of Curon Venosta/Graun Special features: Lake plateau, decline of the village of Curon Venosta/Graun, Alpine history

At the foot of Klapoarspitz mountain, we rise above the forest road to the Graunerberg mountain. The unique view of the beautiful lake scenery, with “King Ortler” in the background, makes us dream of the former landscape of the three lakes. "Das versunkene Dorf Graun", a poem by T. Hölzl, truly expresses the mood. The Lake Pedross (2,602 m) invites you to linger and take in a touch of Kneipp therapy. We descend from the Rossbodenalm on the military road into the valley.

Startpoint: Grauner Alm
Character: Light trail
Duration: 5h
Distance: 8km
height difference: 660m
View from "Joggl"
Edelweiss tour Guided hiking tours to our landmark Special features: Geology, Alpine economy, flora and fauna

From the Grauner Alm (Alp), we ascend to Gamsjoch, further on to the Schartl, a passage to Pedross. The limestone soil can give way to Edelweiss. The unique rock formations encourage you to enter into discussion about the geological development. The view to the lake plateau and the mighty Ortler group, the Ötztal Alps and the Sesvenna group in the background capture our attention.
The high-mountain hike to the Angerlikopf, the Seeberkopf and the descent of the Ochsenbergscharte in the Vivana valley brings the true experience alive.

Startpoint: Melag
Character: Moderate mountain trail
Duration: 5h
Distance: 11,8km
height difference: 574m
Above the clouds
To the Weisskugel glacier Guided hiking tour to the Weisskugel glacier Special features: Glacier retreat, Alpine history, legends, flora and fauna

From the Melag hamlet 1,915 m, we hike to the Melag Alm (Alpine hut). We get an insight about the retraction of the glacier on the glacier path. On the glacier snout, we hear the immense noise and scrutinize the legend of the thriving town of Onanä. At the Weisskugelhütte (Alpine lodge at 2,544 m), we gaze at the wonderful glacier area surrounding the Weisskugel. We descend into the valley from the Langtaufer mountain path.

High up it should go, with a wide view over the mountains and
the Vinschgau. Nature experience at its finest. I'm right.

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