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Winding roads & legendary stories.
Awaiting in the tri-border region.

Feel the joy growing and the momentum increasing, your heart beating faster and faster with every metre you gain in height. Perfect serpentines lead the way up the mountain, the humming of the engine is your constant companion. The clear sky provides clear views as far as you can see. Take on the tri-border region and the many Alpine passes of Italy, Austria and Switzerland with the Traube Post Hotel, the hotel for bikers at the Reschen Pass. We are located only five kilometres from the pass and are passionate

motorcyclists ourselves. Consequently, we offer the best service for bikers and their bikes at our motorcycle hotel right at Lake Reschen. We know the region and the most beautiful tours, and we also offer attractive deals for motorcycle holidays. As a member of the Alpine association of hotels for motorcyclists, MoHo, and enthusiastic bikers, we provide helpful maps and extensive GPS data already on booking. With this you can plan the perfect tour already from home.

Our passion

Our offers are brim with holiday bliss.

As a member to the MoHo group of hotels for motorcyclists in the Alpine region, we at Traube Post at Lake Reschen not only provide excellent services for both you and your motorbike, but are ourselves passionate bikers and know what you need during your motorbike holiday in South

Tyrol. We have created special motorcycling offers tailored to your needs: explore the many mountain passes of the region while enjoying the company of like-minded individuals at our hotel. We also provide you with high-quality maps and insider information. Start your tour now!

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